Create stand up bags on your Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) bagger with EZ-Stand. As a tried and true application, the pillow pack created on a VFFS machine is considered the industry standard for producing economical and versatile packaging across all industries. The simplicity in design allows for unparalleled production speeds and cost management. However, the original pillow pack no longer meets the modern packaging demand to stand up like a pre-made or doy-style pouch.

Upgrading to EZ-Stand is as simple as a film and sealing jaw change on a vertical bagger. EZ-Stand packages are formed using a film web with a pre-applied folded panel. When the package is formed on a VFFS bagger and sealed with a specially designed set of sealing jaws, the panel unfolds to become the bottom of your stand-up bag. EZ-Stand allows operators to use their existing VFFS baggers to produce stand-up bags comparable to other stand-up package formats at a fraction of the cost. With minor, non-permanent changes to your current VFFS, you can immediately start generating an eye-catching package with an affordable upfront investment.

Operators of all skill and experience levels can produce attractive EZ-Stand stand up pillow packs by simply changing to the specially designed film and EZ-Stand sealing jaws. EZ-Stand allows you to gain the efficiency of the VFFS bagger and the powerful impact of a stand-up package. The sealing jaws are interchangeable if you desire to create different shaped/sizes packages from one product run to another.

Benefits Include:

  • Create attention-grabbing stand-up bags on existing VFFS packaging machines

  • Minimal or no permanent changes to packaging equipment

  • Minimal capital investment in tooling

  • Width ranges from 4″ to 14″ wide bags

  • Production speed higher than standard pouch (DOY) style machines

  • Faster return on investment than a pouch making machine

  • Recloseable zipper, hole punch, tear notches or laser scoring available

  • Adjustable gusset seal jaws allowing for different sized packages with no down time for change over (US Patent).

  • Foolproof! Simple installation set up with minimal training