Film Converting

EZ-Stand films are made on the proven and successful Hudson-Sharp INNO-LOK® machine in use by dozens of film converters. A universal gusset applicator is used to economically and efficiently apply a folded gusset to the film web. The gusset forms the bottom of the stand-up package during the packaging operation.

EZ-Stand front panel widths can range from 4″ to 14″. The EZ-Stand gusset can be combined with front panel zippers, bag top zippers, Zip360™, and Pour & Lok™ zippers.

Contact Hudson-Sharp for a current listing of EZ-Stand converters. See the Resources page.

Packaging Machine Operation

EZ-Stand is a modified pillow pack using EZ-Stand film. The film has a pre-applied gusset which becomes the bottom of the package during the sealing operation. The pre-applied EZ-Stand film web runs efficiently through any VFFS packaging machine. The key to a successful EZ-Stand package is in the design of the special U-shaped sealing jaws in combination with the EZ-Stand packaging film. Jaws are custom designed and precision manufactured to create the perfect size EZ-Stand package. The type of packaged product determines the design of the package and the final appearance of the finished bag.

EZ-Stand is a non-permanent change to packaging machines using interchangeable sealing jaws and forming collar assemblies, EZ-Stand can be run at existing production speeds.